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Moonshine Infused spices

Grilling with Shine’s Intoxologist, Sven Mcoy and Grill Master, Troy de Bois have spent years researching and perfecting blends of exotic spices while developing their exclusive ‘moonshine infused’ technique… and they are proud to say ‘We nailed it!’

To add gas to the flames, Grilling with Shine has teamed up with one of Canada’s top craft distillers, Copperhead Distillery from Sundridge, Ontario and are now exclusively using their Backwoods Moonshine for all of our ‘moonshine infused’ spices.  

All of our small-batch spice runs use our ‘moonshine infused’ technique to add a new flavour note and it brings home those backwoods memories…  

Our first four spice blends out of the gate are:

‘Rub me Arse’ moonshine infused bbq rub
is the perfect rub for pork, chicken, duck, goose or even vegetables… with a slight hit of peppers to bring you grilling up a notch.

‘Black Eye Shiner’ moonshine infused Cajun Blackened Rub
is a cross between a visit to New Orleans and Jamaica and creates a beautiful spicy crust perfect for fish, oysters, chicken or whatever you can dream of…

‘Bull Shine’ moonshine infused steak spice
grabs your meat and puts it somewhere between Montreal and Nashville with a tang that wakes up any cut of meat.

‘Rise and Shine’ moonshine infused cocktail rimmer…
the perfect start and finish to any Bloody Caesar or Bloody Mary.


Rub me Arse bbq rub

Rub me Arse

‘Rub me Arse’ is a complex blend of ‘Copperhead Backwoods’ moonshine infused exotic spices, dark brown sugar and kosher salt just perfect for pork ribs, roasts, chops and chicken or turkey. ‘Rub me Arse’ has a smokey top note of chipotle with a kick from a blend of peppers all working their magic to tenderize your meat with a tangy caramelized crust. A perfect spice for your grill, bbq, smoker or oven.

Rise and Shine Cocktail Rimmer

Rise and Shine

‘Rise and Shine’ takes the craft of creating the perfect Bloody Caesar or Bloody Mary to a whole new level. Our ‘Copperhead Backwoods’ moonshine infused blend of complex spices and salts makes that first sip of your cocktail come to life and open your palate. A slight hit of heat mixed with a kick of salt and flavourful spices make this the perfect rimmer. Make sure to add a pinch of ‘Rise and Shine’ to your cocktail to add a tasty kick into your drink.

Rub me Arse bbq rub

Black Eyed Shiner

‘Black Eyed Shiner’ is a kick-ass blend of ‘Copperhead Backwoods’ moonshine infused exotic spices, sea salt and peppers which capture that Cajun Blackened flayour with a twist. Black Eyed Shiner adds that heat and blackened crust to anything you grill. It is perfect for fish, oysters, alligator, chicken or even popcorn. It pairs well with a frosty beer or a long tall icy beverage and will keep you coming back for more. 

Rise and Shine Cocktail Rimmer

Bull Shine

‘Bull Shine’ grabs your steak and slams it somewhere between Montreal and Nashville with a tang that wakes up any cut of meat. Our ‘Copperhead Backwoods’ moonshine infused blend of salts, herbs, spices and peppers moves any steak from great to amazing. It tenderizes while enticing flavours from deep inside the meat. Give the Bull Shine a shot on your next grill and top it off with a big glass of a fine Merlot.

Every great spice needs a great moonshine…

Meet Copperhead Distillery Backwoods Moonshine

Our search for the perfect moonshine to complement our spices and not blow up ‘real good’ in our moonshine infusing technique is complete with our partnership with the Copperhead Distillery in Sundridge Ontario.  We have been fans of Copperhead since meeting founder Craig Ferchat back in their original backwoods location of Northern Ontario in 2016. Unfortunately, Craig has left us, but his passion for creating quality products with true the Spirit of the North still lives on at Copperhead.

Backwoods Moonshine is a Genuine corn moonshine and it’s flavour characteristics enhance the taste of all of our Grilling with Shine BBQ and Cocktail spices.  

Find out more about Copperhead Distillery and our spices are available there too!

‘Grilling with Shine’ the YouTube Cooking Channel

‘Grilling with Shine’ is a road tour cooking and drinking show hosted by BBQ and micro-distillery enthusiasts, Grill Master Troy de Bois and Intoxologist Sven Mcoy.

Come watch how these two lifelong backwoods friends and their collection of eccentric friends, cook up something on the grill and explore how they can use moonshine as a basic ingredient in every recipe.

Grilling with Shine is produced by say what! communications and based on the real-life adventures of Troy, Sven and friends exploring craft distilleries, local butcher shops and markets in small towns and discovering how fun the grilling lifestyle can be.

If you have any suggestions on what distilleries we should visit or any ideas for upcoming shows on what to grill and where to drink let us know.

sven & troy

meet the grilling with shine team

Grill Master Troy de Bois


Intoxologist Sven Mcoy


Sasquatch Spiritual Leader


let get mixing

Explore the liquid side of ‘Grilling with Shine’ as Sven and Troy put their mixing skills together and prepare the perfect moonshine infused cocktails that pair so well with everything they cook up on the grill or the smoker. ‘Rise and Shine’ moonshine infused bloody Caeser and Bloody Mary mix is a favourite part of their bar. 

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Grilling with Shine spices are proudly crafted in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada since 2020 and use our secret 'moonshine infused' process utilizing Backwoods Moonshine made by Copperhead Distillery in Sundridge, Ontario, Canada.